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Meet The Team

To help flesh out the vision for his property at State and 168th Streets, Omaha developer Herb Freeman of Full Circle Ventures has turned to PlaceMakers, LLC, a traditional town planning and development advisory firm based in southern Florida.

Using a process known in planning circles as a charrette, PlaceMakers brings together professionals in a wide array of disciplines who, working with local stakeholders such as public officials and those concerned with infrastructure, safety, transportation and real estate, transform the collective vision for the property into a viable, buildable plan.

Meet the team:
  • Susan Henderson, Project Principal, Planning and Neighborhood Design
  • Bill Dennis, Design Team Leader, Planning and Neighborhood Design
  • Howard Blackson, Planning and Neighborhood Design
  • Chris Sides, Planning and Neighborhood Design
  • Seth Harry, Retail Planning – Pre-Charrette
  • Victor Deupi, Architecture
  • Greg Huddy, Architecture
  • Dede Christopher, Illustration
  • DeWayne Carver, Engineering
  • Mike Sherrod, Information Technology
  • Scott Doyon, Outreach Communications
  • Joan Pauly, Outreach Communications
  • Ben Brown, Public Relations
  • Jennifer Hurley, Charrette Facilitator
  • Nathan Norris, Implementation Advisor
  • Steve Thrash, CAD Designer
  • Chad Emerson, Code Calibration

Want greater detail on each team member? Download everyone’s resume here. (.pdf,500 kb)